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Education Work...

Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Universities.

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."
~Albert Einstein~

Maria has worked in partnership with hundreds of schools over the last ten years running INSET courses for teachers, and performance workshops for children.
Her methodology is rigorous and imaginative and always pedagogically sound.

Maria believes that oral storytelling presents an immediate map for the riches of enquiry for children. Universal questions and truths are embedded in the stories and children can connect with them through characters, plot and landscape.

By listening and watching an oral telling and then retelling that story children can build up resources of language and narrative patterning. They naturally begin to acquire confidence as tellers and writers.

Inviting a child's natural curiosity through riddle and story can be a catalyst for purposeful motivation to speak and write.

Above: The Story box is a magical way for children to explore stories it may contain a riddle, a song, an object from the past, or a letter from the future…

“Maria's inset training with the staff managed to achieve in two hours what I'd been trying to do for years! The suggestions for motivating and involving all children were realistic and worked really well. Maria's enthusiasm and love of stories shines through and adults and children can't help but become involved.”
Dodi Harris Deputy Head, Heath Hayes Primary School, Staffordshire.

For the last four years Maria has been a Storytelling consultant and visiting lecturer for History, Geography and English teacher training courses at Keele University. This has led to Maria working with the postgraduate students both within the University and in Italy, Belgium and the Arran Isles.

Maria's methodology and dynamic techniques have been employed to invigorate teaching within the classroom setting.

“The workshop on storytelling for the PGCE English students at Keele was fantastic. It introduced the students to oral storytelling in an empowering, inclusive, non-threatening way moving from listening to stories to working on them in groups to performance. All the students were enthralled and enthused throughout the workshop.”
Rob Stannard Head of English Education Keele University

“Your comments were sensitive, insightful but most importantly encouraging and inspiring for the ATs. It will mean more than anything to them to hear the authentic voice of the Storyteller. Thank you again. “
Debbie Moss Head of Geography Education Keele University

"All teaching staff have been using the power of the story box to bring learning alive, we are seeing a true learning buzz throughout the whole school."
Melanie Southern Deputy Head St Dominics Primary School, Stone, Staffs.

"Working with Maria has been the best experience I have had in school."
Melanie Southern, Deputy Head, St Dominics Primary School, Stone, Staffs.

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